Friday, May 22, 2009

The foster blog is moving!

We've decided to move the foster dogs back home to the Pet Haven Dog Blog

Kelly, our blog writer extraordinaire, will continue to feature the wonderful dogs that are looking for foster homes this summer...dogs like Harold and Koda!

If you have any questions, please send us a note at

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spend some chill time with Chessie

Chessie is a 2 year old shepherd mix (approx 52 lbs), who came to us from Red Lake. Like most of our Red Lake dogs, Chessie is unbelievably sweet and gentle. She loves to cuddle and get all the love she can...not to mention her love of belly rubs!

Chessie is currently staying at Bloomington Vet because she is Heartworm positive. We're looking for a home without another dog for her to spend her recovery. She loves attention, and has been very good around the people and dogs at the clinic! She's also possibly the easiest dog to watch as she likes to go verrry slooowly. As Ann S said, "she's the type of dog you could walk while carrying a cup of coffee."

Chessie would much rather recover in the comfort of a home than stay at the clinic. If you're interested in fostering Chessie, please contact Celayne at

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good things come in 3s...

And in our case, it's a third dog named Max.

Max (the Lab) is a great dog and has grown up around children. He is very gentle and is great with babies and toddlers. Max has been around cats since he has been a puppy, and gets along with them very well. Max enjoys going for walks and playing at the dog park. He is good on a leash, and he gets along with other dogs very well.

One of the things that his family really likes about max is that he does not bark very much. He does not bark at other dogs when he goes on walks. The only time he barks is when he hears someone at the front door. Max can be left alone all day in the house. He does not chew anything or make a mess when he is left alone in the house. Max is also trained to stay off of furniture.

We have THREE dogs named Max that need foster homes. Even if you can’t foster one of these special dogs, please feel free to pass this info along to your friends and family!Max (the lab) is a seven year old black Labrador retriever coming to Pet Haven due to a family divorce.
And of course if you are interested in fostering Max, please contact Celayne at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cindy Lou will be a cinch to foster!

Cindy Lou is an 11 year old senior black lab beauty who is in urgent need of a foster home!

Cindy has lived in a home her entire life, however her family has now lost their own home to foreclosure. She is very friendly, and gets along with cats and other dogs. Cindy LOVES to play fetch with her softball; it's like her security blanket. She even carries it around outside.

Cindy is always wagging her tail, even when she drinks her water. She loves to have her rear-end scratched, and then she will plop down on the floor, grunt and smile at you.

Cindy is getting a lump removed from her back at the clinic tomorrow, so we are hoping to place her in a foster home by the weekend. She may be a senior, but she's loyal to the bone and will reward whomever can take her with plenty of love and affection.

If you're interested in fostering Cindy, please contact Celayne at

Harold - a special senior coming our way

Harold is a 6-8 year old Labbie who was abandoned in Iowa and is coming to us on Friday. He’s a slightly smaller lab, only about 55-60lbs, very friendly, and good with dogs and people. We’re not totally sure about the cats, but he hasn’t had any issues with the cat at his current shelter.

Harold has lots of love to give, and we’d love to put him straight into a foster home!

If you’re interested in fostering Harold, please contact Celayne at

Monday, May 4, 2009

Straight from the country and into your heart..

Meet Max the Shepherd, not to be confused with Max the hound!
Max the Shepherd is one of our special Red Lake dogs who arrived in the "cities" about two weeks ago. He is currently staying at BVH, but we would love to find this gentle boy a foster home!

Max is about 2 years old, and was a surrender to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I've met him a few times, and he's very mellow. He's also probably the best walker I've met! He prances when he walks, and not only does he not pull, if I'm not going fast enough, he stops and waits. Max is also a cuddler and will lean up against you for some love.

It would be great if we could find Max a foster home by the weekend. If you're interested in
fostering him, please contact Celayne at

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Max the Hound

I had the chance to meet this sweet boy over lunch yesterday. Max came to us from the Sioux City IA animal control. He's one of the lucky ones who had a couple folks really advocating for him and persistently worked to find him a place at a rescue. He arrived this past Saturday and after getting checked out at the vet I picked him up yesterday to transport him to one of Pet Haven's new doggie daycare partners, Now Boarding.

Max is a lover and definitely a hound :) He definitely wanted to take me for a walk guided by all the lovely scents that i'm sure he wishes I could enjoy just as much as he does!

As much as we love and appreciate our doggie daycare partners we would love to get Max into a foster home. That will then allow us to bring another dog in to our foster program! If you would be open to fostering Max email us at